In keeping with the premise that the heterosexual hook-up and dating world is one big business, where exactly are male and female sex act deals first initiated and more importantly, ultimately consummated?  In other words, through which public venues do males and females meet each other, and where do they tend to initiate the first sexual move that leads to an all-out sexual encounter?

While people are meeting those they will ultimately have sex with in many different places and ways, it is possible to narrow down the venues in which the majority of partnerships get their start.  Excluding the just discussed “arranged” meetings, the majority materialize through one of seven venue types.

Recognizing again the human’s place in the animal kingdom, I have taken the liberty in Table 5.1 of pairing each venue type with its associated environment in that kingdom.  One easy way to remember the following is to just think of them as the “getting lucky seven” venues. Click on the links to learn more...

Venue Types Venue Environment
human jungles party scene
human zoos workplaces
human corrals public transportation
human preserves gyms, spas and resorts
human animations the Internet
human playpens schools, hobbies and parks
human habitats neighborhoods

Table 5.1: Venue Types Source: Last Call ©2016