Last Call // Tools and Forms

The Tools

No overhaul is complete without offering tools to help people adjust to the new system.  To go along with the new and improved terminology and classifications, not to mention the anticipated anti-cheater technology advances discussed in Chapter 1, Last Call has developed specific tools for use within the new heterosexual hook-up and dating world.

Collectively, these tools will provide the means to self-regulate oneself and communicate with a potential partner, whether one is lining oneself up for a sexual encounter or just some cozy company time with a third-party opposite-sex person.  Some tools will even assist with communicating, after the fact, just how close one came to a sex act or even if it actually did occur.

For instructions on how to utilize each tool, please refer to Last Call's Chapter 20, "Disclosure Decency."

The new tools are split into two different sets, Universal Tools and Partnership Tools, summarized as follows:

The Forms

Speak-Daily Partner Permission Slip

To put the cheating rule to bed [no pun intended] once and for all, Last Call has developed a speak-daily partner permission slip which can be shared with any sexually interested or interesting third party.  It lays out the basics as to what is permitted and during what specific time period, providing proof that one can participate in a sexual encounter without their partner present.  The new permission slip will be especially useful to those third-party partner prospects that are already in the know about an existing speak-daily partner—that might even be friends of that partner.  Please see Appendix I and feel free to make plenty of photocopies to have ready for use immediately.

Download Permission Slip

Speak-Daily Partnership Pink Slip

Acting as a supplement to a speak-daily partnership termination exit conversation, Last Call’s recommended speak-daily partnership pink slip poll can be filled out at the ”laid off” partner’s request.  The first two questions help to establish the non-content partner’s reasons for requesting termination and the desired partnership status going forward.  If it is honestly identified that the cause involves an opposite-sex third party, questions three through six should then be answered.  If it is revealed that a third-party sexual encounter took place already, answers to questions seven and eight are required as well.

Download Pink Slip