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Last Call

"An Intoxicating Overhaul of the Heterosexual Hookup & Dating World"

In this engaging, thoughtful, and thoroughly entertaining examination of heterosexual partnerships in America, Paul B. Wright proves that virtually everything we do comes down to good money and good sex.  Using an arsenal of observations pulled from fields as varied as psychology, actuarial science, game theory, and economics, Mr. Wright offers a decidedly radical view of the hookup and dating world.  Whether Last Call is read as a crash course in the realities of society and business, or as a guerrilla manifesto on sexual partnerships, readers will see that moral hypocrisy between the sexes is as American as apple pie.

Last Call, with a 8.5" x 11" trim size and 350-plus pages of new words, new tools and new labels (think boyfriend/girlfriend, boymate/girlmate, boybuddy/girlbuddy, boytoy/girldoll not to mention, boyfraud/girlfraud), is the perfect "coffee table" conversation piece meant to be viewed by more than one heterosexual hook-up and dating world player at a time, especially when a party is in their mist! Game on!

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