Last Call // Mandates


Man-date March

There should be little doubt at this point that some females are out of touch with reality in terms of opposite-sex dating entitlements.  Or perhaps they are in touch but just do not give a s**t, remaining more concerned with how their décolletage looks on a daily basis than with buying dinner for a male in any situation.  Clearly for some, the “who pays?” current state rule is not about the individual male, it is about the pay.

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Man-date Modesty

At least some people have started to see something and say something about the female public flaunting tidal wave that has been gathering strength since the late nineties.  For instance, the gay Fashionista Simon Doonan in his book Creating an insanely more fabulous you – Eccentric Glamour, exclaims, “Say no to ho and yes to eccentric glamour.”

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