Last Call // About the Author

To no surprise, as a male who went there on the “advantage female” and “cheating chaos” points made within, the easier way out for many naysayers was putting forth: “Paul must have been hurt bad at some point.”  Without a doubt, my personal life experiences have contributed to the writing of this book.  But no, there wasn’t any particular female or females who really burned me along the way.  Just consistent disappointment derived from their denial of what their “girlie ways” represented when in public without me.

Accordingly, there were certain repetitive events from each successive partnership that, in total, motivated and enabled me to write Last Call.  Using common sense and a strong intellect, at twenty-four I was able to see through the falsehoods surrounding and double standards embedded within longer term dating, let alone cohabitation with a partner.  It was at this point in my life that I realized that my destiny would be what is in front of you, my first entry into hopefully many more books that will help people make sense of things that involve other people’s expectations.

So for the record, I have conscientiously never been married, never was engaged, and never lived with a woman that I was actively having sex with.  Instead, there have been a series of honestly non-monogamous partnerships, most of which are still lifetime friendships.

The way my parents raised me instilled a structured foundation for me to recognize right from wrong, reasonable from unreasonable, and modesty from excess.  While this was no guarantee to prevent me from being wrong, unreasonable, or taking excess with my dating matters, it definitely enabled me to know each and every time when I was crossing the line.

Ironically, I was born on February 14th, which makes me an Aquarian and a Valentine’s Day baby to boot.  Fatefully, I have been responsible for dozens of males and females hooking up with each other, dating each other, and even getting married to each other.  At this point in my life, I can claim responsibility for at least one-half dozen progeny who were created as a direct result of my natural-born match maker capabilities.  None of which so far have been named after me, I might throw in.

How did I do it?  As someone who lived his life honestly non-monogamous for the most part over twenty-five-plus uninterrupted years, and exceeded at social networking, I became a professional, in a sense.  A person qualified to help people recover from break-ups, getting them back in the game, and ultimately getting them hooked-up with someone new.

All someone had to do was give me a call, and I was set up to assist in their return to the heterosexual hook-up and dating world.  Note that a second call without a return call in between from a friend that has lost touch due to a monogamous partnership is a call of distress, four out of five times.  This is where I always came in.

Throughout the years of going out in the human jungles, I have watched over many males and females, friends and acquaintances alike, getting them into enough trouble to have some fun, but guarding them from getting into too much trouble once alcohol consumption was initiated.  One of the major areas in which I was able to do this was the Hamptons, in Long Island, New York.  Here is to having some more fun in the Hamptons and beyond, albeit doing so with 100 percent brutal honesty.

While I avoid discussion on my professional life at this point, just know the powers of applied mathematics, positive thinking and pure sincerity have brought me this far at least.

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