Last Call // Council Considerations

The United Genders Sexuality Counciil, as outlined in Last Call, will consist of six males and six females.  Until the necessary actions are taken to form the Council, I will list people here that I believe would make sense for such responsibilities, given their previous writings and current activities in this area of life.

The Males

1) Warren Farrell -

2) David Levy -

3) Steven D. Levitt, Ph.D. -

4) Stephen J. Dubner, M.F.A. -

5) James Garbrino, Ph.D. -,,9780143038689,00.html?sym=REV#

6) Paul B. Wright [Wink] -

The Females

1) Jennifer Austin Leigh, PsyD -

2) Sharon Lamb, Ed.D. -

3) Lyn Mikel Brown, Ed.D. -

4) Brenda Sharman, Founder of Pure Fashion -

5) Manisha Thakor, MBA, CFA -

6) Sharon Kedar, MBA, CFA -