Last Call // Glossary-Chapter 10

Chapter 10:  Mating Men-tality

princess podium  during the female child’s upbringing she is handed almost everything by her parents, especially her father and even grandfathers, above and beyond what her male siblings are provided in terms of financial subsidies and gifts; surgical enhancements, fancier “first” cars and vacations, etc. are also more heavily subsidized

Grinch flinch  1. an unappreciative condition expressed by drawing back, as from a blow, difficulty, etc. upon the delivery of a food and beverage check or tab, or upon the need to pay entrance or travel fees  2. to wince, as from financial pain associated with paying one’s fair share  3. a perfunctory act of flinching, including fumbling through one’s purse or pockets, using one’s phone, visiting the restroom, looking the other way or just no movement at all

PC meter  abbrev. P(ersonal) C(onsumption) meter; statistic tracking the cumulative lifetime value of all food, beverage, entertainment and travel services a person has personally consumed independent of funding source, plus the cumulative lifetime value of all cosmetics, clothes, shoes, accessories, spa services and surgical enhancements

Child Creation Act  a bill but forth by the United Genders Sexuality Council in 2012 which states that each female born in the United States to legal citizens, should be granted at birth a $25,000 lump sum (indexed to inflation) per expected child to be reared, for purposes of raising the child(ren) in future years; a direct answer to the complaints held by many females that the only reason they do not pay for much when in the company of a male or male group is because they are the ones who are having the babies

UVW  abbrev. United Vanity Workers (of America); for females who still have sex with males, long-held financial entitlements in the heterosexual hook-up and dating world have given the appearance of an unofficial unionization effort, providing for living the better life off of other’s subsidies while supporting their ability to spend so much money and time on beautifying themselves

S-corp  abbrev. S(pend) Corporation; when males within the heterosexual hook-up and dating world bring together their financial resources and power toys in groups of two to a dozen, teaming together in tackling the opposing gender

? gold digger  Slang a woman who in her personal relations with men tries to get money and gifts from them

? bread digger  Slang a person who in their personal relations with opposite-sex people intentionally gets lots of money and gifts from them in exchange for his/her company time and maybe sex, even though some might have their own means of making bread and living comfortably already

gentleman  1. a) Obs. a man born into a family of high social standing  b) any man of independent means who does not work for a living  2. a courteous, gracious man with a strong sense of honor  3. a man's personal servant; valet: chiefly in the phrase gentleman's gentleman  4. any man: a polite term, esp. as (in pl.) a form of address

chivalry  1. a group of knights or gallant gentlemen  2. the medieval system of knighthood  3. the noble qualities a knight was supposed to have, such as courage, honor, and a readiness to help the weak and protect women  4. the demonstration of any of the knightly qualities

company time co-pay payment required of a female when sharing company time with a male or male group at a public venue which provides for food, beverage and/or entertainment services; represents a small portion of expenses not paid by the male whose company she is keeping; specif., a minimum fixed fee required for each night out, visit to a show, etc. in the company of a male or male group

dating deductible a provision within the post-overhaul heterosexual hook-up and dating world stating that the male will consider subsidizing the food, beverage, entertainment and travel expenses only after a stipulated amount incurred, to be paid by the female, following the first sexual encounter evening shared together

March Mandate  instituted during the entire month of March, the call for the female to cover her own fair share of any food, beverage, entertainment and travel expenses incurred jointly while sharing company time with a male or male group; also calls for the male to dim one’s paying-related spend presentations in the company of the opposite-sex enabling both males and females to be team players on all 31 days in March, except during female March birthday weeks, and under certain other exceptions, including but not limited to paying scenarios involving female family members and baby mamas of one’s offspring; waives any company time co-pays or dating deductibles in place that calendar year