America has now reached a critical point, one that calls for a meeting of minds between the powers of masculinity and femininity. Each gender needs to reconsider how they are currently operating in the heterosexual hook-up and dating world. Then they need to envision how we all should operate going forward and manage the new and irrevocable societal promiscuity plateau we have reached.

To formalize the cause, a United Genders Sexuality Council (the Council) will be created to facilitate open discussions between males and females. The Council’s twelve-member panel, split between six males and six females, will naturally be led by dual Inspector Generals, one chosen from each gender’s representatives. Acting as an officially recognized oversight panel, they will proceed to represent both masculine males and effeminate females collectively. Guided by its teamwork-oriented United Genders Charter, the panel will provide for supervision of each gender, maintaining guidelines that will make them accountable for their actions not just to their respective partners, but to themselv

Welcome to the three critical pillars of the Charter:

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