Last Call // Glossary-Chapter 21

Chapter 21:  Game On

Females 4 Fairness  an emerging group of maverick female pioneers who are taking on the United Vanity Workers (of America); for females who still have sex with males, long-held financial and sexuality entitlements within the heterosexual hook-up and dating world are pushed aside for concern with the male gender’s future, and the huge potential of joining forces for sharing status and sex within sexual partnerships, and company time in general

two-way team player  the only team player classification necessary; a person who approaches the sharing of company time in public with the opposite sex as an equal give and receive scenario in terms of sharing status, and upon any sexual partnership being formed, sharing sex

common sense equations  mathematical representation of how males and females can keep their partnership in perspective once they find someone they really like; friendship = needing someone; lover-ship = wanting someone; friendship + lover-ship = needing someone + wanting someone

The Wright Test  a test put forth by the Paul B. Wright in 2012 which states that everyone in a speak-daily partnership will be required to truthfully respond to the following three questions: what month and year did you first make out with your partner?; since that month and year, how many other people—opposite or same sex—have you made out with or had aroused genitalia contact with, including any ex-partners who made it there one last time?; from the total count, how many sexual encounters did they not know about until now?