Last Call // Glossary-Chapter 7

Chapter 7:  Mechanical Females

DAD2  acronym D(resses), A(cts), D(rinks) and D(enial), A(ttraction), D(anger); one way to describe the operational strategy of the female in the heterosexual hook-up and dating world; the first DAD addresses the way the female dresses, acts and drinks wild while in the human jungles; the second DAD addresses the female’s denial of what the first DAD represents, the attraction of [sexual] trouble and the exposure to Danger, wherein certain events occur that were not planned for or intended

sex target  not just any person regarded as an object of sexual gratification, but such person or people who dress, act and drink wildly while amongst others who would gladly target them for sex

DIS II  clinical name for D(iplomatic) I(mmunity) S(yndrome); an effeminate person’s practice of engaging others in public without fear of any repercussions, without penalty; includes but is not limited to accepting drinks and either drinking them or not, not offering to buy back rounds, refraining from apologizing or saying “please excuse me” when accidently bumping into another, and engaging random males in whatever capacity regardless what it might mean to those already in her immediate company

Combo female  one who combines the tradition of paying minimally towards her food, beverage, entertainment and travel-related expenses in the company of males while modernly embracing the ideal of self generating her own revenue, being half-naked or more at will, and leaving her options open for more than one sex partner in a given calendar month

female player  one who possesses and elects to execute her ability to sexually attract multiple males in a calendar year through body enhancements, flesh displays and body language maneuvers, especially while dancing; regularly luring the opposing gender with the ideal of a possible sexual encounter

DAD Female  one of two positions a female player can take; the capacity to dress, act and drink (DAD) wildly while denying what it represents, what kind of trouble it will attract and what kind of danger it might ultimately bring; one who essentially not only is denying the power of her femininity to others, she is in many cases also denying it to herself, typically in an out-of-control manner

non-DAD female  one of two positions a female player can take; the capacity to dress, act and drink (DAD) wildly or not so wildly, while acknowledging what the former represents, what kind of trouble it will attract and what kind of danger it might ultimately bring; one who is brutally honest regarding the power of femininity, especially relating to ones’ own sexuality displays in public

female freedoms  eight freedoms the DAD Female maintains when out in the human jungles, whether or not she has a monogamy promise with a not-present male partner: to enhance and display my flesh or body and act as sexually or bisexually as I want to; to dance, shake, bump or grind on floors, chairs, couches, tables, stages and bars as I need to; to photograph or video any activity or body part I, my friends and even strangers elect to; to drink as much alcohol as I care to; to speak with as many males as I want to, accepting booty compliments with a smile; to let as many males spend money on me as choose to; to touch and be touched by the opposite sex whenever I have the urge to; and to exchange contact call info if he is hot, rich or famous enough

female manager  one who possesses the ability to desexualize herself in public after she has hooked up with a male partner, at all times he is not present, throughout an entire calendar year; managing oneself modestly when without one’s partner in public by covering breast, midriff, buttocks and elevated thigh flesh while avoiding public female touching and grinding; keeping one’s public sexuality displays for only when one’s partner is present

? munchies material  one’s body becoming another’s need for satisfactions, etc., for snacking; often sought towards the end of an evening out

MGM factor  abbrev. M(arried) G(uy) (M)irage factor; 1. reality of how a male baring a wedding band should not be trusted by a  female in his company to have only platonic relationship intentions, thus earning a higher level of trust then he deserves  2. something that falsely appears to be real when the male is out and about, living single while married and his wife is not present