Last Call // Glossary-Chapter 1

Chapter 1:  Political and Correct

prospertution  1. to thrive, sell oneself, etc. in a vigorous way for high or worthy purposes  2. a person who engages in promiscuous flirting or activity to get food, beverage, entertainment, travel, etc. expenses paid for, enjoying lifestyle perks along the way  3. indirect pay for company time

burglarization  when one gender is expected to pay while sharing company time with the other gender, who pays relatively little

pornhibitionism  1. a tendency to call attention to oneself or show off one's talents, skill, etc. intended primarily to arouse sexual desire  2. a) a tendency to expose parts of the body that are conventionally concealed  b) an instance or production of pictures of such exposure

burqaization  when one gender is required to dress and behave modestly in public and the other gender is not

hormonification  1. the hormonal related state or condition, of being blameless for having sex with others  2. a person justifying or being justified to partake in a sexual encounter, including a sex act, even though regularly having sex with others

sexual encounter  1. to either meet unexpectedly or to expectedly meet; come upon  2. to meet with; face such activities as making out, consensual breast contact, aroused genitalia contact, and penetration sex  3. a meeting with another, esp. when unexpected or by chance wherein spontaneous sexuality-related physical interactions take place, whether for a short period of time, or extended, and regardless of location or position or number of people involved

biased dishonesty  1. to cause to have a bias; influence; prejudice regarding a dishonest sex act or pursuit  2. fraud, lie, deception, etc. committed when having sex with others and not telling ongoing sex partners, most often driven by selfishness

partnership  1. the state of being a partner with someone who otherwise still shares the joint interest of having sex with oneself at the current moment, and is very likely to do so at least one more time  2. a) an association of two or more partners in a sexual enterprise b) a usually unwritten contract by which such an association is created, but not necessarily one at a time, nor in an honest manner

indirect pay  a financial transaction involving one’s cash or credit card subsidization of another’s food, beverage, entertainment and/or travel expenses in exchange for their sex; also could include gifts and/or the other’s life maintenance expenses

direct pay  a financial transaction involving one’s cash or credit card payment in exchange for another’s sex; could also include subsidization of another’s food, beverage, entertainment and/or travel expenses, as well as gifts and/or the other’s life maintenance expenses

committer ID  a voluntary smart phone feature that provides subscribers the name and telephone number of those callers who contact a current partner’s synced smart phone; such contact information appears on a display as the call is being made and is then stored in memory on one’s phone; could also include identification of any exchange through e-mail, instant messaging or social networking websites

cheater ID  Informal a technology similar to caller ID which identifies on one’s own smart phone the third-party electronic exchanges made through a current sex partner’s smart phone

LoJack/LoJill System  an envisioned installment of the famous LoJack systems; an effective undisclosed cheat event prevention service for tracking, locating and recovering the truth about a current sex partner’s third-party sexual encounters involving aroused genitalia; records another’s movements for at least the past twenty-four hours while the built in alarm system warns respective partners when their not-present partner’s genitalia region is aroused, as well as when it is penetrated or penetrating

brutal honesty  very harsh or rigorous sincerity; the quality of being true to life, especially with one’s own sexuality; a best policy if one wants to live a worthwhile life