Last Call // More About The Book

A harsh but realistic look at the current state
of male and female non-cohabiting sexual partnerships

In this engaging, thoughtful, and thoroughly entertaining examination of heterosexual partnerships in America, Paul B. Wright proves that virtually everything we do comes down to good money and good sex.  Using an arsenal of observations pulled from fields as varied as psychology, actuarial science, game theory, and economics, Wright offers a decidedly radical view of the hook-up and dating world.  Whether Last Call is read as a crash course in the realities of society and business, or as a guerrilla manifesto on sexual partnerships, readers will see that moral hypocrisy between the sexes is as American as apple pie.

Be warned – this book is not for the faint of heart. Unless you are prepared to explore the many ethical shortcomings in our society and even within yourself with an open mind, you should not read this book. Many of us choose to remain among the masses, pleasantly unaware of the pretense and bias surrounding the hook-up and dating world, opting to embrace self-serving illusions of moral superiority.  But the state of affairs isn’t pretty – honest heterosexual partnerships are disintegrating as an array of influences from consumerism to pop culture to virtual social networks complicates men’s and women’s decision-making.  For many, Last Call will serve as a painful reality check – one that reveals the contradictions of our moral code and turns the modern day courtship process upside down.

With business savvy and a dry sense of humor, Wright navigates the state of hooking up and dating in America and offers a unique framework by which we can all regain structure and standards.  For those who find themselves having sex with people they do not live with, you will be given a methodology to hook-up and date with sensibility and integrity. More importantly, for those who are currently in a non-cohabiting monogamous partnership, or at least have the desire to be in one, the tools provided within will help you avoid the short-end of the stick—that is, becoming a victim of an undisclosed cheat event—and to manage your own public sexual projection when without your significant other.

For the female, Last Call will help you better understand and interpret the modern-day male and his millenniums-old caddish ways.  It will give you the confidence to keep your options open while your male partner goes out in public without you, and utilizes his charm, money and power on other females—the exact same approach that attracted you in the first place.

For the male, especially those who put all of their focus, energy and money into one female at a time, Last Call will assist you in understanding her, especially when she goes out in public without you.  Modern-day norms more than ever call for her unrepentant enhancement of her sexuality and appearance to ensure third-party males subsidize her social and entertainment expenses.  Last Call argues that the perfectly acceptable response is for you to use your charm, money and power on other half-naked females – in order to keep things totally equal.

Within his unrelenting current state analysis and common sense solutions, Wright takes on a number of America’s most controversial topics: prostitution, gender roles, and the ever-evolving moral code.  Institutional enforcement of laws and penalties for individuals who choose to have sex in exchange for direct payments may no longer be appropriate.  Will we as a society ever acknowledge that indirect subsidy payments for food, beverage, entertainment and travel expenses jointly incurred while sharing company time are payments in kind?  Further, can we admit that America’s respective gender positions drive males’ insatiable desire for sex and females’ entitlement mentality?

Readers Beware: If you are currently having sex with opposite-sex people whom you do not live with, Last Call will empower you to be brutally honest in those endeavors.  However, that most likely will happen only after Last Call forces the painful realization that you have not only been lying to those same people, but to yourself.  Let the overhaul begin…

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